About us

Our Mission

40% of people in the UK believe it is getting harder to improve their finances. Over 12 million lack access to affordable credit.

Having started our journey as a consumer credit building app called Pave, we've condensed our learnings into Fuse. Fuse applies cutting edge analytics to modern datasets to help partners build an in-depth understanding of their customer's financial health.

Deep customer insights are the foundation for improved relationships, better products, and superior outcomes. Using these deep insights, our mission is to empower our partners to demonstrably improve the financial health of their customers.

You can read more about our vision, here.

Our Journey


Pave is founded out of the leading startup incubator, Entrepreneur First.


Pave raises a seed funding round with Kindred Capital.


The Pave app is launched. The app analyses consumer Open Banking data to predict low bank balances, and offers an FCA regulated interest-free credit line to prevent late bill payments.

Pave raises a Series A funding round with Redalpine.


The Pave app reaches 250,000 users and tops 50,000 paying subscribers, improving credit scores for 99% of paying subscribers.


Pave launches Fuse and goes live with its first B2B partner, offering affordability and credit checks using its transaction analytics algorithms trained on hundred of millions of Pave app data points.


Fuse launches a world-first customer vulnerability monitoring module to help lenders detect distress and prepare for the upcoming FCA Consumer Duty coming into force on July 31st 2023.

The Pave app surpasses 100,000 all-time subscribers.

Our backing

We are proud to be supported by investors who share our values, including the early backers of N26, Paddle, Tractable and the founders of Monzo and Indeed.com.