Deep transaction analytics

Increase acceptances, reduce losses, and detect vulnerability with our AI-powered credit risk and financial health analytics platform. Fuse empowers businesses to make the best decisions using advanced transaction analytics.

Our Products


Real-time cashflow insights

Our industry-leading models provide instant, robust affordability assessments. Trained on hundreds of millions of data points, we outperformed five providers we benchmarked for coverage and accuracy.

Powerful credit risk prediction

Trained on real lending outcomes data and with over 1,000 credit risk features, our algorithms can boost Gini by up to +22pp.

Early financial vulnerability detection

Monitor transactions in real-time to detect and predict vulnerability, before it’s too late. Reduce arrears while meeting FCA Consumer Duty requirements.

We turn messy transactions
into insights

Fuse offers

#1 transaction labelling accuracy

Compared to five incumbents
we benchmarked


Our NLP models allow you to scale to any language or geography, reducing re-integration requirements

Analytics dashboard

Available with our API to support underwriting and reporting

Bring your own data

Our solution works with any major transaction or credit file data provider.

One low friction check

We provide affordability, credit risk, and vulnerability monitoring from a single check, with low friction

Seamless onboarding

Go live in weeks instead of months with hands-on support from a team of credit tech experts

Plus, it’s secure.

Who uses Fuse?

Non-bank lenders

Use us for second opinions on marginal declines to improve acceptances and top line without taking on additional risk.

Deposit holding lenders

Use us to monitor customer vulnerability and detect arrears risk early, reducing losses while ensuring compliance.


Use us to implement stringent affordability checks to prepare for upcoming regulation by the FCA.

Why use Fuse?


Reduction in a client's loss rates using our decisioning models


Gini uplift
with Fuse transaction analytics over Delphi


Our transaction enrichment accuracy

Start making
better decisions today