Deep Transaction Analytics

When your customers speak in bank transactions, interpreting them is hard.

We trained Fuse algorithms on over 400m data points from the Pave app to become fluent in their language.

Fuse applies AI-powered algorithms to your transaction and Open Banking data to create deep customer insights that drive growth.

Our product impact


enrichment accuracy

Best-in-class transaction enrichment

Our algorithms have outperformed all other enrichment providers we benchmarked

automated acceptances for a partner

Advanced affordability checks

We automate income and expense verification by analysing current account and Open Banking data

vulnerability flags for the Consumer Duty

Vulnerability and arrears prediction

Our world first solution monitors customer vulnerability and arrears risk using AI

Gini uplift vs Delphi for a partner

Transaction credit scoring

Our transaction-based credit scores have proven power to uplift Gini

Fuse turns messy transaction data
into deep customer insights

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How Fuse Works

Transaction Data

Open Banking Data

Additional Data

Deep language learning models


Enrichment Outputs



Share data

Share existing transactions and customer data. Fuse can also collect Open Banking data from aggregators like Truelayer.


Fuse enriches

Fuse language models analyse your data in real-time, and as frequently as you require.


Apply insights

Fuse customises enrichment outputs to your use case, making insights accessible via API and dashboard.

We work closely with you to solve key business challenges using Fuse enrichment outputs

Detecting customer vulnerability

15 vulnerability tags and a customer vulnerability score to help prioritise interventions and comply with the Consumer Duty

Automating income checks

Over 50 income categories with 23 industry labels and prediction confidence intervals to aid with the assessment of gig workers and other complex cases

PFM insights

Over 200 income and expenditure categories with recurring credit and debit predictions to power insights that engage customers

Transaction credit scoring

Over 2,000 credit risk features to help boost model Gini for higher acceptances and lower losses

Household affordability

Identification of household connections for holistic affordability assessments to uncover new lending opportunities

Deposit retention modelling

Monitoring transaction data to develop customer loyalty scores and predict deposit flight

Who uses Fuse?




Use cases

Banking partners use us to automate income checks, improve customer outcomes and NPS by detecting vulnerability, and lower the cost of interventions by prioritising collections & recoveries efforts.

Non-bank lenders


Higher Gini
Increased revenue

Use cases

Lenders use us to automate affordability checks and improve margins with superior credit risk decisioning using Open Banking data.

Buy Now Pay Later


Higher Gini

Use cases

BNPL providers use us to automate income checks and prepare for upcoming regulation by the FCA, with a low friction solution for affordability and credit risk checks.

Start generating deeper customer insights