Our Products

Fuse ingests your existing transaction data (current account, card, Open Banking), or collects new data from aggregators like Truelayer and Plaid.

Our algorithms were trained on over 400m proprietary data points, and have been tested to handle loads of over 50m users. We use these algorithms to enrich transaction data into your desired outputs.

We customise our approach depending on your requirements. Our expert team have assisted partners across the full-cycle of consumer finance - from affordability checks, credit risk modelling, vulnerability prediction to customer retention.

Advanced affordability checks

Our affordability checks are the most granular we know. Fuse's income verification module estimates salary range at specified confidence intervals, allowing nuanced downstream credit decisioning when combined with our recurring expenditure estimates.

We parse your data into over 50 income labels, and offer 23 employer industry tags to provide further context and confidence in future earnings.

Transaction credit risk features

Our risk features and transaction-based credit score were trained on real-world data collected from the Pave credit builder app.

We've developed over 1,300 transaction credit risk features with proven power to boost Gini and reduce losses by 30% when applied to partner models.

Vulnerability and arrears prediction

As part of the FCA Consumer Duty coming into force on July 31st, monitoring signs of customer vulnerability and ensuring good outcomes has become a key requirement.

We've worked with tier 1 banks to develop transaction based vulnerability flags that help you predict customer distress, and personalise interventions to improve their experience while lowering your operational costs.


We partner with ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certified providers and follow strict internal protocols to maximise our security.

Built on Trusted Technologies

Our APIs and infrastructure make use of managed services, provided by ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certified providers, ensuring that our services remain secure and reliable.

End-to-end Encryption

Our internal and external API traffic and data storage is encrypted end-to-end, with strong encryption meeting modern standards.

Automated Security Scans

Our code and dependencies are scanned constantly for security and supply chain issues by class-leading external tools. Fixes are automated wherever possible.

Regular Third-Party Security Audits

We engage a trusted third-party on a regular basis to audit both existing and new code and services that we run, to ensure we remain vulnerability-free.